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Multi-Effect-Solar Power Plant

Our technologies include

  • The Multi-Effect-Solar (MES) power plant with integrated energy storage with a storage time of 12 h - 24 h at full power.
  • Energy self-sufficient seawater desalination  
  • Desalination of highly saline wastewater from oil fields (High Saline Desalination - HSD) and of concentrate (brine) from existing desalination plants
  • Waste Heat Power Plants (WHPP) converting waste heat from refineries, diesel generators and industries into electricity and drinking water


  • The Multi-Effect-Solar (MES) power plant is the most economical technology for generating electricity from renewable energies in 24-hour base load operation
  • Thanks to integrated energy storage (12 h - 24 h), up to 7000 full-load hours per year can be achieved
  • Combined power and drinking water production by means of seawater desalination in one process step
  • The MES is the ideal technology for energy supply to produce hydrogen in sunny coastal regions
  • Modular system allows net outputs from 5 MW
  • Quick start capability (0%-100% load) within 10 minutes
  • 4 times higher kWh production per kW than with PV 
  • For large projects some components can be produced locally under license
  • Installation of fixed instead of movable mirrors for the solar collectors leads to high reliability of MES
  • High participation of local companies in local added value creation
  • Agricultural use under the collector surfaces possible

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