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WITT SOLAR AG has the key to open the doors to a solar-based future: Our range of services extends from master plans and consulting to planning and construction as well as supervision of solar thermal power plants and ground-mounted photovoltaic (PV) systems.

  • Basic concept studies
  • Overall concept
  • Master plans 
  • Feasibility studies
  • Advising power utilities and governments on energy supply, energy saving & efficiency and seawater desalination
  • Technical planning
  • Supervision & Commissioning

Consulting on energy transition

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  • Which technologies will enable the energy transition to succeed and by when?
  • What political framework conditions are required for this?

Transcontinental green energy concepts

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With the "Transcontinental Solar HPS-H2 Energy Concept", electricity and water are produced in sunny countries or continents by means of MES or open-space PV systems in combination with HPS in 24/7 operation. Hydrogen (H2) and other transportable energy carriers are also produced in 24/7 mode at low LCOH and transported by HPS-H2 tankers to countries with high energy requirements.

Pumped storage and heat storage power plants

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  • The heat transition is closely linked to the electricity transition - how will the future heat supply of cities with long-distance supply networks succeed, which were previously fed by the waste heat from coal-fired power plants?
  • How pumped storage and heat storage power plants can look like to take over this task in an environmentally friendly way?
  • Instead of completely demolishing relatively new coal-fired power plants, we offer to develop solutions to continue using them as 100% environmentally friendly power plants with saving thousands of jobs

Technologies against the melting of glaciers and of the ice at the poles

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  • Due to changes in the climatic situation, since 200 years glaciers are melting worldwide and the ice at the poles disappears faster than expected
  • As per today, we do not know, if and how we will succeed to reduce CO2, CH4 and other climate relevant gases sufficiently; and even, when successful, it will take decades until the ice will grow again
  • Therefore the solution at this moment can only be to stop the melting of ice locally
  • With the HPS-Technology we could even generate growth of glacier ice and of polar ice

Seawater desalination plants

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Thermal plants
These can be integrated into MES, but can also be fed from waste heat.

Membrane process
We can support you in the planning of desalination plants, as well as in their self-sufficient supply with electricity.

Offshore solar power plant with seawater desalination plant,
High-Pressure-Pumped-Storage (HPS) power plant, hydrogen production and port as terminal for the "Intercontinental solar HPS-H2 Energy Transmission Concept" to supply Europe and other continents with the energy they cannot sustainably generate themselves

Based on the High-Pressure-Pumped-Storage (HPS) power plant, electricity and hydrogen are also produced at night and transported together with other energy sources with high cycle efficiency and used by customers in the target countries

Control Center at night