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About us

Making an innovative contribution to the successful and base-load energy turnaround

We can and want to support the necessary conversion from fossil to renewable energy sources. Because the energy turnaround still lacks a decisive step, without which it will fail - namely, the ability to store the electricity generated with renewable energies and thus make it available even at night and during windless periods. Until then, most countries will continue to rely on available sources such as coal, gas and nuclear energy.

What should not be done: replace one fossil energy source (e.g. lignite) by another fossil energy source or electricity imports from abroad with even higher global emissions of climate-damaging gases than today in order to postpone rather than solve the long overdue storage issue.

Instead, expenditure on imported fossil energy should be reduced and it would be preferable to invest immediately and directly in our key technologies in the field of new power plant and energy storage technologies as the basis for a successful energy turnaround for uninterrupted power generation from renewable energies (RE) - the base-load energy turnaround (Grundlast-Energiewende). Our technologies perfectly interfere with hydrogene production and transportation, bringing the needed capacity factor to solar- and wind-based electricity production to allow economic H2 production from RE with much shorter payback periods.

In order to consistently pursue the Governments self-imposed goals of becoming virtually emission-free by 2050, we must always keep in mind that the entire earth is the balance limit for emissions and not the individual countries. Imported (energy-)products need therefore to comply with the same environmental standards like the ones produced in your own country, or even better. We are committed to realize this goal. 


High-Pressure-Pumped-Storage Hydropower Plant

With the High-Pressure-Pumped-Storage (HPS) hydropower plant developed by us, electricity can be stored in open area photovoltaic systems in offshore- and onshore wind farms, along power lines, at large industrial consumers and at large charging stations for electric vehicles. Long discharge times and high capacities allow an essential support of the world's energy balance based on RE.

We can help to eliminate the main birth defect of electricity generation from photovoltaic and wind - the lack of storage capacity.


Multi-Effect-Solar Power Plant

Our Multi-Effect-Solar (MES) power plant for 24/7 electricity and drinking water supply with integrated energy storage is used within the framework of "Economic Cooperation and Development", especially in Africa, to help people on this increasingly important continent to participate in globalization.
More concretely than in the Federal Government's "Marshall Plan with Africa", investments must be made in large projects for electricity and drinking water production as infrastructure islands. Drinking water and electricity are the basis of any sound economic development. A part of the electricity generated there and a small part of the drinking water may be used with our "Intercontinental solar HPS-H2 Energy Transmission Concept" .

Background t0 WITT SOLAR AG 

WITT SOLAR AG is an innovative engineering company founded in 2000 by Michael T. Witt, CEO and main shareholder.
With our patented solutions for power generation from renewable energies (RE) and the storage of excess electricity with high cycle efficiency we are trend-setting.

We have also made it our mission to make a significant contribution to the success of the energy turnaround.
To this end, we have coined the term "master plan for the base-load energy transition" and are working with all our energy to implement this master plan in cooperation with politics and industry, thus ensuring both safe and environmentally friendly power generation from renewable energies.

Michael T. Witt, CEO of WITT SOLAR AG, has been working on innovations for over 40 years:

  • First wave power plant: innovation competition 1974 - realized 1978
  • Generation of hydrogen by electrolysis as a fuel for aircraft: Improvement proposal at an airplane gas turbine manufacturer 1978 - taken up 2020
  • Wings for fast sailing yachts: Patented 1980 - realized at the America's Cup 2017
  • Desalination process for highly saline water with up to 24% of salt concentration: Presented at the WETEX 2004 exhibition - successfully tested in 2005
  • Multi-Effect-Solar (MES) Power Plant: Patented in 2000 - second German solar thermal power plant ever built in 2015
  • High-Pressure-Pumped-Storage (HPS) Power Plant: First presented in November 2020 - Your Project 2021?