Sustainable Energy is everywhere.

Produce it.

Store it.

Save the world.

Our Vision

To solve the energy problem of the world,  in the mid-term neither rare earth nor fossil fuels will be needed at most places – with renewable sources and well-proven technology elements, we are able to offer solutions for the sustainable production and storage of energy as consulting for governments, engineering concepts, feasibility studies, engineering and implementation.

What we provide


The High-Pressure-Pumped-Storage (HPS) hydropower plants provide for grids and consumers a reliable solution with a high cycle efficiency.


The Multi-Effect-Solar (MES) power plant is a solar thermal power plant, that converts seawater, brackish water or the brine discharge from existing desalination plants into high quality drinking water.


WITT SOLAR’s activities are in the fields of energy systems, seawater desalination, and cooling water systems. We work on the development, engineering and supply of innovative systems and environment-friendly solutions for these business fields.

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