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Further informations: Function

  • The Multi-Effect-Solar (MES) Desalination Plant is a solar thermal plant, that converts seawater, brackish water or the brine discharge from existing desalination plants into high quality drinking water.
  • The key technology lies in the Hot Water Storage (HWS) and in the evaporation/ condensation process which allows the desalination of seawater with extreme high salt concentration in a closed circle. The HWS consists of one or more basins or an artificial lagoon filled with seawater.
  • The solar radiation shines through the Transparent Heat Insulation (TWD) on top of the basins and heats up the water inside the HWS. The hot water enters the evaporator where a certain part of the water flow is transferred to steam while the rest of the hot water is pumped back to the HWS. The steam is condensed in the condenser. After this, minerals may be added to the distillate to produce best drinking water. The brine may either pumped back to the sea or concentrated and delivered to a salt producer or to oil wells.
  WITT SOLAR MES Desalination Plant
WITT SOLAR MES Desalination Plant
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