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  • The MES- Technology has several Unique Selling Positions in an emerging market for effective water management, which are as follows:
Economic production of thermal energy
  • The Hot-Water-Storage (HWS) developed by WITT SOLAR AG is a combination of a heat storage and a large-scale solar collector. It is worldwide the first time that heat generated with a solar application is cheaper than waste heat from thermal power plants.
  • Therefore the MES- Technology provides very economically thermal energy for the desalination of seawater.
Low running costs lead to low total water costs
  • The electrical energy consumption for the desalination of sea water and brine with MES Desalination Plants is in the range of 1,6-2,8 kWh/m³, which is extremely low, when considering the high salt concentration of the raw water up to 80 g/l.
  • Instead of metals, only heat resistant plastic material is used for pipes and heat exchangers. Therefore no dosage of anticorrosion is necessary in MES Desalination Plants. This saves money for the owner and helps to protect the environment.
  • Water production costs even of the largest existing desalination plants can be undercut with MES Desalination Plants.
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