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Desalination, cooling systems and electric energy
  • WITT SOLAR’s activities are in the fields of desalination, cooling systems and electric energy generation from renewable energy sources.
  • We have developed the Multi- Effect- Solar (MES) System, a patented solution, for the economical conversion of seawater into drinking water and generation of energy.
  • The water production costs of MES Desalination Plants are already with medium sized units competitive with large-scale gas-fired desalination plants.
  • MES- Technology has been developed to still exist in the future, when oil and gas cannot any longer be fired in power plants and desalination plants.
  • MES Desalination Plants are ideal for desert locations because they need little cooling water and no additional raw water, when installed behind existing desalination plants.
  • MES Desalination Plants are based on the principle of the global water circle and therefore produce best quality drinking water.
  • A high demand in architectural design of our buildings allow the integration into luxury holiday resorts and towns.
  • High efficiency allows to save existing water resources and the production of high concentrated brine as by-product for salt and oil industry.
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